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Our Leadership Coaching Program helps leaders build skills quickly

At Key Talent Associates, we don’t believe in just passing along information.

We believe information must be applied for learning and lasting change.

This was the idea behind our module based Essence of Leadership training program. Each section is designed to build skills that leaders need and use everyday to succeed like self awareness, emotional intelligence, influence, conflict resolution, and more. In total, each attendee will spend over 28 hours in training. Each participant will also receive:

  • A Free nSight Assessment with analysis
  • A One-Hour one-on-one coaching session with a leadership coach to review results and offer insight and tips for their particular profile
  • Personal Growth and Development plan to maximize learning and focus on implementing knowledge.

We believe the idea that leadership is a skill that can be taught and developed.

Our Leadership Coaching Program helps leaders build skills quickly, whether they’re just beginning their leadership journey, or have been in leadership for years.

The coaching phases are as follows:




Know Better

  • Self Awareness: Know Yourself Better
  • Domain knowledge: Understand Real Leadership Better




Think Better

  • Understanding your Mindset and Motivation
  • Changing your Mindset


Do Better

Do Better

  • Understanding your Behaviors and Habits
  • Changing your Behaviors and Habits


Get Better

Get Better

  • Assessing your Current Results
  • Setting up your Leadership system for improved results


Stay Better

Stay Better

  • Cementing change
  • Avoiding Relapse
  • Creating an ongoing leadership development plan

We have full-time ICF certified coaches to help participants gain valuable insight into themselves and their leadership style.

Our highly customizable program is designed to add and develop skills at each session. Whether you choose a six month or one-year program, we promise you’ll come out a vastly improved and more aware leader.

A well functioning business requires more than just great leaders.

Leaders need a team of contributors to achieve the goal. At Key Talent Associates, we build great leaders and great teams. Our nSight 2.0 Aptitude and Assessment helps identify gaps in the social and emotional intelligence of your team and allows us to tailor this 10-hour course specifically towards the challenges within your organization.

These trainings, which are broken out into four modules, are designed to help your team work more collaboratively, increase engagement and productivity, and deliver better results to your bottom line. Each student will also take the Blue EQ assessment to come away with actionable items they can begin working on immediately.

We help raise both the Emotional Quotient (EQ) and Social Intelligence of the individuals within the team to help them be more engaged, more productive, and deliver more for your bottom line.

Key Talent Associates has partnered with a vast network of ICF Certified Coaches to provide training in emotional and social intelligence for all levels of an organization. Our coaches use proven ICF principles to increase self awareness and identify strengths and blind spots in these four primary areas of emotional intelligence:

  1. Self Awareness: Know Yourself
  2. Self Control: Lead Yourself
  3. Social Awareness: Seeing Others
  4. Social Intelligence: Influencing Others
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average employee will change jobs every three and a half years. This makes finding and retaining top talent more important than ever.

At Key Talent Associates, we work with companies to find, hire, and retain top talent. We use the nSight 2.0 Personality and Aptitude Assessment to understand each member of your team and give you better insight into the natural abilities of each individual. We then work with you to create individual development plans for current and future employees. We collaborate with you on the new-hire onboarding processes and plans that streamline learning so newly hired employees get up to speed quickly and effectively.

Our proven process helps companies in all of the following areas:

  • New Employee Screening: Identify Top Talent and culture fit’s faster
  • Targeted Hiring: Don’t just hire for a role. Hire for what helps move the business forward
  • Individual Development Plans: Identify strengths and opportunities for each employee and develop individual coaching strategies to help them improve
  • 360 Feedback Process: Perception is reality. This process helps everyone understand how they are seen by others within the organization, both by leadership and peers.