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Emerging Roles

Transforming Top Talent from Declining Roles into Emerging Roles with Ease

Transforming Top Talent from Declining Roles into Emerging Roles with Ease

Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence are shifting work from what was once done by humans to algorithms of 0’s and 1’s. How can organizations today develop their staff for the business needs of tomorrow? Across the board industry is finding it difficult to place people in open jobs within their organization. For organizations to get ahead and tackle upcoming issues, they should look internally at the people who are currently filling roles that are in the decline and prepare them for emerging roles by upskilling the staff. Upskilling staff into emerging roles is beneficial to the organization and the person being upskilled. The employee will generally gain more experiences, education, and development as they learn new skills and the organization retains top talent, moves people quicker into the emerging roles, reduces turnover costs and are able to better plan for adjusting the business to the newest demands facing industry.

Declining Roles

System and application upgrades are forcing decline in some roles that sit within industry today. With the increase in technological capability of systems, many organizations find that they no longer need data entry clerks and administrative roles. The addition of AI (Artificial Intelligence) allows for automation of some of the responsibilities that were done by the declining roles. Advanced manufacturing is changing the way products are made and manufactured.

Emerging Roles

For a professional searching into the up and coming careers that the Department of Labor shares through O.Net online, the professional can find a skills shortage in many of the emerging professions that have a bright outlook within the next 8 years (Growth source, Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2020-2030 employment projections). Projected growth represents the estimated change in total employment over the projection period (2020-2030). Employers are struggling to find various Analysts and Learning Specialists, and Technical Developers as examples of the roles where there is a lack of talent when trying to skill match the person to the role.

Many of the emerging roles are shifting focus to strategic thought around business growth. Out with mundane and repetitive tasks and in with the ways in which to grow business. Bright Outlook jobs identify the importance around impactful human interactions, such as marketing, sales, and content production.

Top Skills of 2025

The top 6 projected skills needed in 2025 are analytical thinking and innovation, active learning, complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity, originality, and initiative. Meridiem can help organization identify these top skills using the nSight assessment. Meridiem accesses the talent within the organization and identifies how talent measures against these skills. In partnership, Meridiem and the organization can create individual development plans, mentoring, and growth to help catapult the staff to emerging roles with ease and success.

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Jennifer Fegter

Jennifer Fegter

Jennifer is an HR professional skilled in all aspects of the employee life cycle. She understands the importance people are to an organization and has utilized the NSight assessment since 2006. Her experience is in identifying strengths and challenges we each face in the roles we play within an organization. She utilizes the assessment to hire right and grow people by partnering the assessment to the visions and culture of an organization.

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