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The Power of nSight

The Power of nSight

What is an insight? An nSight?

  • insight: the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing; a deep understanding of a person or thing []
  • nSight: one of the most statistically validated psychometric assessment tools on the market today used in all areas of Talent Management. []

Using the nSight to gain “insights” into your talent

Meridiem’s nSight Success assessment is a tool that assists talent acquisition teams in the selection and placement of candidates into jobs through personality and cognitive profiles. Personality assessments are a vital tool for many hiring managers. The nSight Success is a personality assessment that was designed specifically with workplace behaviors in mind, rather than other personality tests, such as the MBTI (aka 16PF), and the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI), which focus on specific personality traits.

The nSight Success provides transformational insights, rather than informational insights. An individual’s nSight Success assessment results can help them understand their behaviors, what job types they are most suited to, and how their results may change over time. This leaves room for personal developmental growth.

Statistical Significance, Validity and Reliability

The validity and reliability of an assessment is an important factor to consider when choosing methods for selection, promotion, and placement. An assessment’s validity is the extent to which what is supposed to be measured in the assessment is actually being measured. For example, the validity of an assessment that is measuring employee job satisfaction depends on how closely the items in the assessment actually measure the construct of job satisfaction, with empirical and statistical significance. Validity is determined through statistical analysis and can be compared to a lawyer collecting and presenting evidence that their client is not guilty.

One aspect of establishing validity is to show that the selected construct can be measured consistently and reliably. However, reliability alone is not sufficient to establish validity. Therefore, one should consider as much evidence as possible before determining whether an assessment is accurate and, therefore, valid. Types of validity evidence include face validity, content validity, and criterion validity. The nSight Success ranks highly in all three categories and stacks up particularly well against other personality assessments and selection methods in criterion validity.

Table 1 shows the reliability estimates for the nSight Success assessment. The projected alpha for the nSight Success is the correlation coefficient for validity. A value of .6 show moderately strong validity and a value of .7 shows strong validity. As you can see from the statistical analysis, a total of 10 attributes out of 19 show statistical significance. The nSight Success is one of the most statistically valid psychometric assessments on the market.

Table 1. Reliability Estimates For Nsight Success Assessment 1.0
Table 6. Criterion-Related Validity Evidence of Nsight Success Assessment 1.0: Part I

Tables 6, 7, and 8 demonstrate the criterion-related validity of the nSight Success. For example, Table 6 compares the percent of correct predictions to incorrect predictions of job performance of the nSight Success with other personality assessments – MMPI and 16F – and job interviews. The nSight Success has the highest percentage of correct predictions, with the next highest method being 19 points lower than the nSight Success.

In criterion-related validity, the nSight Success outperformed the MMPI across all supervisory ratings except “accuracy”, where both assessments share the same results.

Table 7. Criterion-Related Validity Evidence of Nsight Success Assessment 1.0: Part II

In additional criterion-related validity evidence, using the nSight Success assessment as a tool in job selection and promotion has a .86 correlation coefficient for success in the decision, which is only .07 points different when using the test in conjunction with behavioral-based interviews and adding reference checks.

Use Across Many Aspects of Talent Management

The nSight Success is a powerful, transformational psychometric assessment that has statistical validity for all aspects of talent acquisition and development. To learn more about the nSight and Meridiem customized Talent Management solutions click on Meridiem.
Vic Clesceri

Vic Clesceri

Vic is an experienced management executive, professor, consultant, and executive coach. Vic has successfully led businesses and teams across many industries including food & beverage, pharmaceutical, dairy, nonprofit, education, and sports memorabilia. In addition to his broad industry experience, Vic has led two successful consulting businesses – Vienesse, Inc. and The Management Sherpa™. Vic’s consulting expertise is in building people capability, developing organizational capability and enhancing execution capability. Vic’s ability to see untapped potential in people and create development plans rooted in competencies, skills and behaviors have consistently driven measurable results.

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