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How Do You Lead in Times of Crisis?

How do you lead in times of crisis?

How well does your leadership style survive a crisis? Whether it’s an unexpected re-org, a merger or acquisition, a global pandemic, or the subsequent Great Resignation when your current reality collapses and you have to fall back and rely on your leadership fundamentals, do you know what they are and how successfully they will hold up?

We all have them. Those conscious or often subconscious principles govern how we lead. The pillars that support your house of leadership. For some, it’s the pursuit of power, title, or money. For some, it’s making a difference in the organization. For others, it’s the opportunity to impact the individuals in your care.

Our research shows that the best leaders build a solid foundation on a combination of skill, motivation, and character. I call them the three-legged “Jack Stand” of leadership.

Pillar 1: Transformational Thinking

The leaders who excel during times of crisis are the ones who can envision a future that inspires the organization when all others are paralyzed by the crisis. These leaders are able to make the right investments in the right places at the right time. For example, The companies and leaders who invested in the growth and development of their people when we were in the throes of the Covid 19 crisis in 2020, are now the ones who are collecting the dividends. These are the companies who came out of the crisis best prepared and energized, rather than tired, battered, and beaten. These are the companies who are least impacted by “The Great Resignation” of 2021 and are now attracting top talent.

Pillar 2: Transactional Execution

Delivering exceptional service to the customer is critical during good times and bad. Leaders who are resilient, resolute, and can creatively overcome obstacles and come up with creative solutions to serve their customers are the ones who grow their market share – in good times and bad. Those companies who made customers’ lives easier and better during the pandemic, rather than adding to their stress, are the ones who will win their hearts, minds, and their share of wallets.

Pillar 3: Relational Collaboration

Leadership is the business of people. A leader’s ability to motivate, inspire, guide, mentor, coach, and relate to others makes all the difference in their success. Especially in the most challenging scenarios, those leaders who build highly collaborative relationships that can weather the storms of adversity are the ones who have built their success on the most solid foundation. The pinnacle of John Maxwell’s 5 levels of leadership is when others follow you for who you are and what you represent. Relational leadership is about having the “right stuff”. Character, integrity, and values create a magnetism that is far greater than the force of adversity.

These are proven principles that can bear the weight of adversity and can create a thriving organization in the “new normal”. What are the foundational pillars of your leadership style, and how are they working for you?

If your foundation isn’t as solid as you’d like, contact us for leadership training and coaching that will get you on the right track again.

Heinrich Stander

Heinrich Stander

I know what it feels like to live out your passion and purpose. That's why I've made a living helping others find theirs. I've learned which professional skills are critical for success. That's why I'm teaching that to others.

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