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Unlock the power of your people

Finding and retaining the right team is one of the biggest struggles business leaders face in today’s workforce.

At Key Talent Associates, we help you put the right people in the right seats to keep your company moving forward.

We do this by supporting your team in three critical areas:


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Through our nSight assessment, we help you choose the right people to hire with the right skills for the job.


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A business needs their staff all pulling in the same direction. We help you build a cohesive and collaborative team that drives results and functions cohesively.


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We help business leaders at all levels see the bigger picture and strategically plan for the future.
Chris L. 1

"Dave has an uncanny ability to empower individuals to build leadership and coaching skills. He is able to tap into a person's strengths and evaluate an individual's potential for growth. Dave has a wealth of knowledge to help guide individuals in unique/difficult situations. The managerial and leadership skills I have gained from him are constantly present in my professional and personal life. I would not be the manager nor the person I am today without his guidance.”

Dan K. 1

"Dave has a great ability to recognize the critical issues, envision a differentiated future state, and develop challenging yet achievable business wide go forward plans. One of the best leaders I have encountered when it comes to coaching and mentoring.”

Dan C. 1

"Heinrich provides guidance with a mark of quality and expertise that can only be attained through years of experience”

Beth L. 1

"Heinrich came highly recommended, and has helped bring a lot of clarity to the path I've been struggling to illuminate on my own.”

Yvonne R. 1

"Mike's style is thoughtful, thorough and he seems to be able to see around corners! Clearly, his years of work experience create an element of understanding that you just want to be in his company to learn from. Mike has always been supportive and regularly offers the opportunity for me to reach out for his support which I find is an amazing quality to have. If you are not sure of the next steps or whether Mike and Key Talent Associates can help you, I am certain that he will be willing to talk with you to see if that is something that is of mutual benefit."

Our team of consultants and coaches have decades of experience working with small and large companies, both public and private.

We are specialists in building teams from the ground up and helping them function at their peak performance. We walk with you through the whole process to help you understand the assessments, build the milestones, coach your leaders, and build a sustainable process for building a company that gets results from their people.

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